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The Buck and Boar Hunting Lodge
  1935 Pine Plains rd.
Swansea SC 29160

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  Ronnie Miller


Thank you for inquiring about the Buck & Boar. The Buck and Boar is located in beautiful Calhoune county S.C. The property that makes up the Buck and Boar has been managed exclusively for trophy deer / wild boar over the last 20 years. Our commitment to produce the highest quality Whitetail Deer hunting and European Wild Boar hunting possible led to the erection of five miles of game proof fence to enclose the entire property. Herd population, buck to doe ratio, and predators are more controllable. The cost of European strains needed to continue the progress of our trophy boar management can now be justified. Our herds are producing trophy boar and trophy bucks that far exceed our original expectations.

You will be hunting animals that are wild, born and bred on their own, within the enclosure. A managed wild herd, not a stocked farm raised animal. Over thirty food plots and year around supplemental feed are offered to supply needed nutrition. Hunts are limited to ensure high success on trophy quality animals. Our hunts can be tailored to meet the needs of an individual or a large group. First time hunters to seasoned vet's, young or old are all welcome. We cater to smaller groups than most outfitters, your needs will be met by our staff and your harvest goals are our number one priority. 

Whitetail Deer

The deer herd at the Buck and Boar is producing more quality bucks each year than the year before. Be our guest and hunt the "Old Growth" hard woods that cover the acorn ridges the bucks call home.

Deer hunting is done from elevated shooting houses and ground blinds. This hunt is not physically demanding and can be tailored to suit most any hunter.

Trophy Deer hunts are extremely limited. No more than a dozen were sold for this year. We will offer 12 trophy 
deer hunts for the 2009 season. We harvest only the oldest bucks in the herd. If you are looking to harvest a mature, heavy rack buck this hunt is for you.

Last deer seaason our success rate was 100%. Trophy bucks averaged 140" b.c. with an average weight of 225 lbs. We expect 2009 to produce the biggest trophy bucks in our history! We are taking deposits on these deer hunts now.

S.C. deer season runs from August, 15th - January, 1st. Deer can be harvested in full velvet the first two weeks of the season. Our rut runs from mid Oct.- mid Nov. The rut is an excellent time to book a hunt. These deer hunts will book up so call early to secure your dates.

Boar Hunting

Our hog herd is managed to produce high-quality European trophy boar. The genetic make-up of our herd is a product of all four strains of European boar. Protected breeding stock imported from Europe is the foundation of our breeding program that is setting industry standards. We currently hold one world record trophy boar in the W.W.T. record book. We are committed to managing for quality to ensure our guest the opportunity to harvest a fine European trophy boar. It's wild boar hunting at it's best.

Ram Hunting

The Buck & Boar is proud to offer ram hunts. Introduced in stages six years ago, the rams were protected and allowed to rome the entire preserve while maturing into true breeding herd.

Corsican, Desert Paints, Mouflon, Texas Dall, and Black Hawaiian rams can be found in social groups, grazing food plots or browsing woodlots throughout the property.

Rams are pursued on foot and hunted from stands. A trophy ram and a wild hog hunt make a great combo. Ram hunting is productive morning thorough mid-day when hogs tend to lay-up. After a day of ram hunting it will be prime time for a late evening hog hunt.

If you're looking for a first class ram hunt then give us a call. We have a ram hunting package for you!






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